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2014-06-19 09.04.07


On a warm sunny day in June, all the staff at the Dental Clinic _ Radlett set out for a fun staff bonding day.

Twice a year we have a day trip where we get a chance to relax and bond outside of the surgery and each time we try to do something different and interesting.

This year we headed in to London and split up in to two groups to do the Hinthunt challenge. For those of you who don’t know what Hinthunt is, it involves being locked in a large room and having to get out by solving a series of challenging clues and tasks.

The day itself turned out to be a glorious, stretching in to a beautiful English summer’s evening. Perhaps most interesting was to see how, as a group, we approached the problem solving at Hinthunt. The debriefing that you get beforehand stresses the importance of working together as a team.  Without necessarily planning to do so, on entering the rooms we immediately assumed a particularly responsibility and started to coordinate information effectively.

It is with a certain sense of pride that, when discussing our efforts afterwards, we realised that our approach to Hinthunt was simply an extension to our work team ethic. We have always prided ourselves on having an effective staff ethic. Every member of our staff has a unique role and quality that contributes to making our clinic well run, clinically excellent, rigidly clean and above all friendly and welcoming. It also may be the reason why our staff feel rewarded and valued and end up staying with us for so long.