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Technology and comfort

Cutting edge equipment and techniques distinguish our dental clinic as a premier dental practice. We use the latest equipment in the dental field to provide you with the best quality dentistry, faster and more comfortably.

Audio visual entertainment

Dentists’ surgeries have ceiling suspended TV screens that, together with wireless headphones, allow you to watch television programmes or DVDs of your choice during treatment.

Intra-Oral cameras

Our integrated diagnostic equipment allows us to take detailed pictures of your teeth and mouth that you can then view on our TV screens. This is an invaluable tool for demonstrating problems and cosmetic improvements and providing preventive advice. We can show you the whole picture, allowing you to make an informed choice about your treatment.

Soft tissue lasers

Refined surgical procedures, pin point accurate impressions and the treatment of painful ulcers and cold sores are all made possible with special dental lasers.

Digital x-rays

No more waiting for x-ray results! X-ray images now appear immediately on our monitors, allowing us to diagnose dental problems immediately, saving anxiety and streamlining the treatment process.

Panoramic x-rays

We can obtain and overall  picture of all your upper and lower teeth, including all the jaw bones, jaw joints and air sinuses, allowing us to make conclusive diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

Sterilisation Room

Here at The Dental Clinic Radlett, we have a brand new, state of the art sterilisation room.  Providing our patients with a clean and safe environment is of paramount importance to us.  We use the most effective sterilisation system to date to ensure your comfort and safety.

Air conditioning

The entire practice is air conditioned for your comfort.

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