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The Dental Clinic Radlett

Orthodontics in Radlett, Hertfordshire

Are crooked or misaligned teeth affecting your confidence and oral health? Unlock the potential of a beautifully aligned smile with orthodontics in Hertfordshire at The Dental Clinic Radlett. Our expert orthodontists are here to transform your smile.

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Orthodontics Hertfordshire - The Dental Clinic Radlett

Transform Your Smile with Confidence at The Dental Clinic Radlett

Unlock your best smile at The Radlett Dental Clinic! Our expert orthodontic team is here to transform your smile, boost your confidence, and improve your oral health. With advanced technology and personalised treatment plans, we offer a range of cutting-edge orthodontic solutions. Whether you prefer discreet clear aligners or bracket braces, we’ve got you covered. Your journey to a straighter, more radiant smile begins with us. Choose The Radlett Dental Clinic for a brighter, more confident you!

Orthodontics Hertfordshire - The Dental Clinic Radlett

Orthodontic Treatments at The Dental Clinic Radlett

At The Dental Clinic Radlett, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a confident, straighter smile through our comprehensive orthodontic treatments. Our experienced team of dental professionals takes pride in offering two distinct orthodontic solutions: Clear Aligners and Bracket Braces.

Clear Aligners

Orthodontic Treatments at The Dental Clinic Radlett - Clear AlignersClear aligners have gained popularity as a discreet and comfortable orthodontic solution. These custom-made, transparent trays are designed to gently and gradually reposition your teeth. Here’s why they are an excellent choice:

  • Invisibility: Clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to enhance your smile discreetly. You can wear them confidently without drawing attention to your orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfort: Crafted from smooth, comfortable materials, clear aligners eliminate the irritation commonly associated with traditional braces. This means you can go about your daily activities with ease.
  • Removability: One of the significant advantages of clear aligners is their removability. You can easily take them out for eating, drinking, and maintaining your regular oral hygiene routine. This ensures optimal dental health throughout your treatment.
  • Efficiency: Clear aligner treatment typically takes less time than traditional braces, potentially reducing the number of visits to the dentist while still delivering effective results.
  • Predictability: Our advanced technology allows us to provide you with a virtual representation of your treatment progress. This means you can preview your future smile before you even begin, helping you set clear expectations.

Bracket Braces

Orthodontic Treatments at The Dental Clinic Radlett - Bracket BracesFor those who prefer a different approach to orthodontic treatment, we also offer bracket braces. These traditional braces, consisting of metal brackets and wires, are highly effective in addressing various orthodontic issues, ranging from mild to complex cases. Here’s why some patients choose bracket braces:

  • Precision: Bracket braces provide precise control over tooth movement, making them a reliable option for achieving optimal results, especially in complex cases.
  • Durability: Bracket braces are known for their durability. They are designed to withstand the rigours of orthodontic treatment and are a dependable choice for long-term solutions.
  • Customisation: While traditional braces may be more visible than clear aligners, they offer the opportunity for customization with coloured bands, allowing for a touch of personal style.

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What Dental Problems Can Orthodontic Treatments Address?

Orthodontic treatments are beneficial for individuals of various ages who experience issues with the alignment of their teeth or the positioning of their jaws. Common reasons why someone might need orthodontic treatment include:

  1. Crooked Teeth: Individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth can benefit from orthodontics to improve the appearance and function of their smile.
  2. Overcrowding: Overcrowding occurs when there is not enough space in the jaw for all the teeth, leading to alignment problems. Orthodontic treatments can address this issue.
  3. Underbites and Overbites: Orthodontics can correct underbites (lower teeth protruding ahead of upper teeth) and overbites (upper teeth extending too far over lower teeth) to improve both aesthetics and bite function.
  4. Spacing Issues: Gaps or spaces between teeth can be closed using orthodontic techniques, enhancing the overall appearance of the smile.
  5. Jaw Irregularities: Orthodontic treatments can address jaw irregularities, such as an improperly positioned jaw, which can cause discomfort and affect bite function.
  6. Impacted Teeth: Teeth that fail to erupt properly or remain partially hidden (impacted teeth) can be managed through orthodontics.
  7. Bite Alignment: Correcting bite problems, such as crossbites, open bites, or deep bites, can improve chewing efficiency and reduce the risk of dental issues.
  8. Enhancing Oral Health: Orthodontic treatment can contribute to better oral hygiene by making it easier to clean and maintain teeth.
  9. Improving Confidence: Many individuals seek orthodontic treatment to enhance their self-esteem and confidence by achieving a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Watch this example of crooked teeth that our orthodontic treatments can help.

The Process of Orthodontic Treatments

Below are the process of orthodontic treatments with both clear aligners and bracket braces, helping you make an informed decision on the path to your desired smile transformation.

Clear Aligners

The process of getting clear aligners involves several key steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: The journey begins with an initial consultation with our orthodontist. During this visit, your dental history, concerns, and treatment goals are discussed. X-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth may be taken to create a personalized treatment plan.
  2. Customised Treatment Plan: Based on the collected data, a customised treatment plan is developed. This plan outlines the expected duration of treatment, the sequence of aligner trays, and the anticipated end result.
  3. Fabrication of Aligners: Clear aligners are custom-made for your teeth. Using advanced 3D computer imaging technology, a series of clear, removable trays are created. Each tray is slightly adjusted to gradually move your teeth into their desired positions.
  4. Wearing the Aligners: You’ll receive a set of aligner trays and will wear each set for a specified period, typically about two weeks. It’s essential to wear them for the recommended 20-22 hours per day, removing them only for eating and cleaning.
  5. Regular Check-Ups: Throughout your treatment, you’ll have periodic check-up appointments with our orthodontist to monitor progress and receive new sets of aligners. These appointments are usually scheduled every 6-8 weeks.
  6. Eating and Oral Hygiene: One of the advantages of clear aligners is that they are removable, allowing you to eat comfortably without restrictions. However, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial to prevent staining and decay. You should also clean the aligners regularly.
  7. Completion of Treatment: Once you’ve completed the prescribed series of aligners, you’ll achieve the desired alignment of your teeth. A retainer may be recommended to maintain the results and prevent teeth from shifting back.
  8. Follow-Up Care: After completing your clear braces treatment, you’ll continue to have periodic follow-up appointments to monitor the stability of your results and ensure long-term success.

Bracket Braces

The process of getting bracket braces involves careful planning, regular adjustments, and consistent oral care. With the guidance of our orthodontist, you can achieve a straighter, healthier smile through this orthodontic treatment. Here is an overview of what to expect:

  1. Initial Consultation: The process begins with an initial consultation with our orthodontist. During this appointment, the orthodontist will evaluate your oral health, discuss your dental concerns, and determine if bracket braces are the right treatment for you.
  2. Treatment Planning: If bracket braces are recommended, the orthodontist will create a personalised treatment plan based on your specific needs. This plan will outline the expected duration of treatment and the goals for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite.
  3. Brace Placement: At the next appointment, the orthodontist will begin the process of placing the bracket braces. This involves cleaning and drying your teeth, applying a bonding agent, and then attaching the brackets to the front surface of each tooth using a strong adhesive.
  4. Wires and Bands: After the brackets are in place, the orthodontist will thread archwires through the brackets and secure them with small elastics or bands. These wires will exert gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into the desired positions.
  5. Adjustments: Regular follow-up appointments (typically every 4-6 weeks) are scheduled to make necessary adjustments to the braces. During these appointments, the orthodontist may tighten the wires, replace elastics, or make other modifications to ensure your treatment progresses as planned.
  6. Oral Hygiene and Maintenance: Proper oral hygiene is crucial during orthodontic treatment. You will be instructed on how to clean your braces, including using special brushes and flossing tools. It’s essential to maintain regular dental check-ups and cleanings to prevent dental issues during treatment.
  7. Dietary Considerations: Some dietary restrictions may be advised to protect your braces from damage. You may need to avoid certain hard, sticky, or crunchy foods that can harm the brackets and wires.
  8. Treatment Duration: The length of time you wear bracket braces can vary depending on the complexity of your case. On average, treatment can take anywhere from 18 months to several years.
  9. Brace Removal: Once your orthodontist determines that your teeth have reached their desired positions, the braces will be removed. This is typically a painless process, followed by a final dental check-up and possibly the placement of a retainer to maintain your newly aligned teeth.
Orthodontic Treatments at The Dental Clinic Radlett - Bracket Braces

Frequently Asked Questions

Are orthodontic treatments only for children and teenagers?

No, orthodontic treatments are suitable for patients of all ages. While many people associate braces with adolescents, adults can also benefit from orthodontic solutions to correct alignment issues and achieve a straighter smile.

Are clear aligners as effective as traditional braces?

Yes, clear aligners can be highly effective for many orthodontic cases. However, the effectiveness of any treatment depends on the specific needs of the patient. Some complex cases may still require traditional braces for optimal results.

How long does orthodontic treatment typically take?

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on the complexity of the case. On average, treatment can last anywhere from several months to a few years.

Is orthodontic treatment painful?

Orthodontic treatment may cause some discomfort or soreness, especially when adjustments are made. However, this discomfort is usually temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief medications if needed.

Can I eat and drink normally with clear aligners or braces?

While clear aligners are removable and allow you to eat and drink most foods without restrictions, traditional braces may have some dietary restrictions to avoid damaging the brackets and wires. Your orthodontist will provide specific guidance on what you can and cannot consume during treatment.

What happens after my orthodontic treatment is complete?

After your orthodontic treatment is complete, you will likely need to wear a retainer to maintain the results. Retainers help prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original positions. Your orthodontist will provide guidance on how long you should wear your retainer and how to care for it.

How do I choose the right orthodontist in Hertfordshire?

Choosing the right orthodontist in Hertfordshire is a crucial decision that involves a thoughtful evaluation of several factors. Start by researching local orthodontists, considering their experience, qualifications, and reputation. Reading patient reviews on Google or other reputable review platforms can provide valuable insights into the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or your general dentist, as personal referrals often reflect the trustworthiness of an orthodontic practice. Schedule consultations with potential orthodontists to discuss treatment options, payment plans, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Evaluate the orthodontist’s communication style and willingness to educate you on the treatment process. Finally, ensure the orthodontist’s office location and hours align with your convenience. By taking the time to assess these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose an orthodontist who not only meets your needs but also provides a positive and comfortable orthodontic experience.

Can orthodontic treatment fix my overbite or underbite?

Yes, orthodontic treatment is highly effective in correcting both overbites and underbites. An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth, while an underbite is characterised by the lower front teeth protruding beyond the upper front teeth. Orthodontists employ various methods to address these issues, including braces, clear aligners, and other appliances. Braces, for example, gradually move the teeth into proper alignment, adjusting the bite over time. Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are a more discreet alternative for mild to moderate cases. The specific treatment plan depends on the severity of the overbite or underbite, and our orthodontist will create a personalised approach to achieve optimal results. Orthodontic interventions not only enhance the aesthetics of your smile but also contribute to improved oral function and overall oral health.


Can I get orthodontic treatment if I have missing teeth?

While it may be tempting to remove braces or aligners for special occasions, it is generally not recommended. Consistent wear is crucial for the success of orthodontic treatment. Braces work by applying continuous pressure to gradually move teeth into their desired positions, and any interruptions in this process can impede progress. For aligners, adherence to the recommended wear schedule ensures optimal effectiveness. If you have a special event, consult with our orthodontist beforehand. We can provide tips on managing the appearance of braces or aligners, and in some cases, they may make adjustments to accommodate the occasion. Remember, the ultimate goal is achieving a beautifully aligned smile, and adhering to our orthodontic plan is key to achieving that outcome.

Can I still get orthodontic treatment if I have dental issues?

Certainly, you can still undergo orthodontic treatment even if you have existing dental issues. In fact, orthodontic interventions often work in conjunction with addressing dental concerns. Our orthodontist will collaborate closely with the general dentist to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that considers and accommodates any pre-existing dental issues. Whether you have cavities, gum disease, or other dental issues, the orthodontist will coordinate with the dental team to ensure a holistic approach to your oral health. Prior to starting orthodontic treatment, any underlying dental problems may be addressed to create a stable and healthy foundation for the orthodontic process. Regular communication between the orthodontist and general dentist is key to achieving optimal results and maintaining overall oral health throughout the course of your orthodontic journey.

What foods should I avoid during orthodontic treatment?

During orthodontic treatment, it’s essential to avoid certain foods that can pose a risk to your braces or other orthodontic appliances. Steer clear of sticky and chewy items, such as caramel, taffy, and chewing gum, as they can adhere to your braces and are challenging to remove. Hard and crunchy foods like nuts, popcorn, and ice can potentially damage brackets or wires, leading to complications. Additionally, minimise your consumption of sugary snacks and beverages to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent cavities. Choose softer alternatives and cut fruits and vegetables into smaller, bite-sized pieces. By being mindful of your diet and avoiding foods that could compromise your orthodontic appliances, you’ll contribute to a smoother treatment process and better overall oral health.

Can I play sports with braces or aligners?

Yes, but it’s advisable to wear a mouthguard for added protection, especially with braces.

Will orthodontic treatment affect my speech?

Adjusting to orthodontic appliances may temporarily affect speech, but most people adapt quickly.

Why Choose The Dental Clinic Radlett for Orthodontic Treatments in Herts?

When you choose The Dental Clinic Radlett for your orthodontic needs, you’re opting for exceptional care, personalized treatment, and a brighter, healthier smile.

  • Expertise: Our skilled orthodontists have extensive experience in addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues.
  • Personalised Care: We tailor treatment plans to your unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Advanced Technology: Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art orthodontic technology for precise and efficient treatments.
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer a variety of orthodontic options, from traditional braces to modern clear aligners, catering to diverse patient preferences.
  • Comfortable Environment: We prioritise patient comfort and ensure a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere during every visit.
  • Affordable Pricing: We provide competitive pricing and transparent cost options, making quality orthodontic care accessible.
  • Convenient Location: Located in Radlett, Hertfordshire, our clinic is easily accessible for residents of Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: Your well-being is our top priority, and we work closely with you to achieve your orthodontic goals.
  • Proven Results: Our track record of successful orthodontic treatments and satisfied patients speaks to our commitment to excellence.
  • Comprehensive Dental Care: We offer a range of dental services, ensuring your overall oral health is well-maintained.

Take the First Step Towards Your New Smile

If you’re ready to embark on the path to a straighter, more confident smile with orthodontic treatment, whether it’s clear aligners or bracket braces, reach out to The Dental Clinic Radlett today. Allow us to demonstrate how orthodontics can transform your life by granting you the smile you truly deserve.

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Barry Shaw
The best care ever here if you are nervous don't be you couldn't be in better hands my wife Sally is extremely nervous and Simon always manages to calm her so she can get the care she needs we have been seeing Simon for many years if he ever moves we will have to as well thank you so much Simon Lilly and everyone else at The Dental Clinic
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Natasha Brookner
Dr Simon Assor is a sheer genius. Empathetic, Professional and a superb dentist. Wouldn’t got anywhere else.
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Kevin O'Reilly
Really pleased with the standard of care and professionalism. Maya explained everything throughout. Highly recommend.
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Excellent Service, Simon is the best dentist and he really makes the children feel at ease and happy to visit the dentist.
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Not far In the past
After an accident on my bike, I cracked my 3 front teeth. After 2 visits, you would never know I had anything wrong. Maya was extremely caring and thorough and did an excellent job. I am absolutely delighted with the result and the excellent service of the dental clinic.
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Bobbie Williams
Maya is amazing. So good with children my son was so calm and even smiling while she took his bad tooth out. Highly recommend
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Justin D
Best dentists and hygienists run by great team and professionals highly recommend
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I saw Maya to get composite bonding done and I couldn’t be happier! She explained the treatment step by step and felt at ease the whole time - would highly recommend 😊
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Nacho Arance
First time going to the dentist after years. Had a checkout, was quite scared but I had Maya as my dentist and all my fears went away quickly. She is so attentive, make so many questions and give me great advice to take care of my dental hygiene from now on. Great visit with a wholesome dentist.

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