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Here at The Dental Clinic we offer dental treatment for children such as six monthly examinations, fissure sealants and we encourage regular hygiene visits. Oral health is the foundation of any dental treatment we provide and we aim to have all our patients of all ages with happy and healthy gums and teeth for life.

Six things you should know about your child’s teethOur team member Vjosa Islami is trained and qualified in BSc in Oral Health Science – Hygiene and Therapy and is able to deliver dental treatment to children to a high standard at The Dental Clinic. Here are six things we want you to understand about your child’s oral health:

1. Baby teeth are important

Many people assume that because baby teeth fall out they do not need to worry too much about them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Milk teeth are extremely important for helping children to eat and chew properly and they also help the development of speech. Baby teeth also save the place in the jaw ready for the adult teeth to come through and are essential for building confidence through a healthy smile.

2. When to start brushing

Brushing should start from birth. It’s a good habit to get into before the first teeth come through, for you and your child. Start by gently cleaning your baby’s gums after feeding; there are many products available to help with this, such as soft toothbrushes and special dental wipes designed to clean your baby’s gums. Once the first tooth comes through, you should begin brushing with a toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste specifically designed for the correct age group. As with your own oral health regime, ensure you brush both sides of the teeth and the gum line.

3. Visiting the dentist

You should introduce your child to the dental practice early on in order to avoid any fear of the dentist building up. Here at The Dental Clinic we encourage all parents to bring their children along to the practice just to familiarise them with the surroundings prior to their first appointment. As a rule, the first dental visit should be around the time of their first tooth coming through.

4. Special treatments

Once your child’s back teeth have come through they can benefit from fissure sealants, which are a thin coating that protects the chewing surfaces from trapping food and bacteria.

5. Tooth friendly habits

Healthy eating habits are just as important for the teeth and gums as they are for the body as a whole. If sugary snacks are consumed then encourage your children to drink water or milk afterwards to prevent the sugar from sticking to the teeth and causing plaque.

6. Teenage kicks

Forget the terrible twos, in terms of oral health it can be the teenage years that dental professionals can dread. This is the point at which children begin to make their own decisions as they enter adulthood, with less influence from parents. At this stage in life, many teenagers begin to slack on what was once a regimental oral hygiene regime and, on top of that their food choices and habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, it can negatively impact on the health of their teeth and gums.

For teenage patients we offer a friendly environment in which we encourage them to look after their teeth.

You will also be pleased to know that we offer a variety of membership plans at the clinic for adults and children which include regular hygiene visits.

If you have any questions about your child’s oral health, be sure to book an appointment with us today. Drop into the practice at The Dental Clinic, 359 Watling Street, Radlett, Herts, WD77LB or call us on 01923 859678.