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Last week we welcomed Ashley Byrnes at our clinic who runs the award winning Byrnes dental laboratory in Oxford.

Amongst other things, we discussed the start of a new and very exciting chapter for our practice. Working in tandem with Ashley and his team we have launched `Same Day Smiles` at The Dental Clinic Radlett.

If you have an old denture or teeth that are failing, we can provide you with dental implants which are attached to your jaw and then we can fix a bridge onto the implants at the same visit. The laboratory work is carried out immediately and on-site. There is now no need to wear a denture whilst your gums heal following the extraction of teeth. The added advantage to placing implants immediately is that it maintains the shape of your jaw and gums which will result in a more natural smile. Furthermore, the unique facility of offering an on-site laboratory technician means that the cosmetic appearance can be designed and constructed with your input whilst the technician makes the bridge.

The implants for `Same Day Smiles` are placed by an experienced specialist oral surgeon who has years of experience in making sure that the implants are correctly inserted with minimal discomfort and pin-point accuracy. All treatment is planned and coordinated by your dental surgeon to ensure a perfect and seamless transition towards your implant fixed smile.

If life with a denture has become cumbersome or you have teeth that are failing because of decay or gum disease, same day implant teeth may be your passport to a new and confident smile.