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A wonderful account of the Cfast process by one of our lovely patients called Adam!

There’s a Jewish joke about whose mother makes the best chicken soup.  I can tell you, it’s definitely my Mum.  The other best I can tell you is which is the best dental clinic.  That would be the Dental Clinic in Radlett.  I see Simon, but friends tell me Stuart is just as brilliant.

I was looking at Facebook a few months ago and noticed a post from the Dental Clinic about getting straight teeth using a new system called Cfast.  A subtle white brace which could correct teeth which were not straight.  It would take up to 6 months but last a life time.

I made an appointment to discuss the possibility of Cfast working for me and Simon and Lily answered all the questions I had.  No one had ever said I had crooked teeth but it bothered me.  I was a little concerned about what people would say about me wearing a brace but thought it would be worth it because I would be really happy at the end.  Turns out I’m more than happy.   I’m thrilled!!

The first appointment Simon took fresh moulds of my teeth.  That was straight forward enough.  I then booked in a week later to have the brace fitted.  The appointment took about an hour.  It certainly felt odd on my inside lip for a few days and I kept puffing my cheeks out.  The wax stopped any aggregating sores or cuts and after a few days I almost forgot I was wearing it.

The first month was slow, as Simon said it would be.  He said that’s when all the ligaments are being stretched.  I went in for a check-up and Simon made a couple of adjustments which took about half an hour.

Month two was when things started to happen.  I began to notice that the wire was looking straighter.  There was no pain but my teeth were definitely on the move.  At the end of the month I went back to Simon for a few more adjustments.  He said I’d probably be done in under 4 months.  It was great to think I was at least half way.

By the end of month 3 my teeth were looking really straight.  Not perfect, but still really good.  Again Simon made a few adjustments although these were for finishing touches.  Two weeks later I went back and was thrilled to hear I was done.  Simon took fresh moulds for a wire retainer for the back of my teeth.  I had to leave everything in place until that was ready a week later.

It took about an hour to fit the wire and take off the braces.  It’s not the greatest feeling when the braces come off but only lasts a couple of minutes and when I got to look in the mirror, well, that was awesome.  I joked with Simon the next day that I had to take Nurofen for the jaw ache I had because I’d been smiling so much.

All that was left to do was prepare a back up retainer to wear at night.  It’s really easy to wear.  It doesn’t affect my sleep and doesn’t feel like I have a gob stopper in my mouth.  It’s a little bit like an Invisalign brace.

I’m just in the process of whitening my teeth now.  Simon said I should use the gel for a few weeks, just until my teeth are about the same colour as the whites of my eyes.

The Cfast system was absolutely brilliant.  Quick, painless, and the result was great.  There may be days at the beginning when you wonder if it is worth it.  It so is!!!

Cfast is just one of the many options available at The Dental Clinic Radlett. If you would like a complimentary consultation please do not hesitate to book an appointment by calling us on 01923859678 or contact us for more information!