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Last Thursday was our Kids Smile Fun Day! We dedicated the whole day to treating children, providing free dental check-ups, oral hygiene and diet advice plus we had a magician who kept the children entertained by making balloon models and performing magic tricks throughout the day!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves watching the kids laugh and having fun! We hope any children that are usually nervous and do not normally like coming to the dentist will now find it an enjoyable experience!

How can I protect my child’s teeth?

To reduce your child’s risk of tooth decay and dental erosion:

•             take your child to the dentist regularly

•             don’t give your child sugary or acidic foods and drinks often, and if you                  do then try to only give them at mealtimes

•             encourage your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day with at least                   1,000ppm fluoride toothpaste

•             encourage your child to spit out toothpaste and not rinse with water, as                  this reduces the effect of the fluoride

•             ask your dentist about protective treatments such as fluoride                                      supplements and fissure sealants

If you would like any further advice or would like to book your child in for a check-up please call the practice on 0192385 9678