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Floss box

The idea behind any good oral hygiene regime is to limit the build-up of plaque bacteria that collect on teeth surfaces. These plaque bacteria are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

However good your toothbrush is, the only effective way of cleaning between your teeth and removing the plaque is by using dental floss or tape.

We would recommend that floss is used twice daily at the same time that you brush your teeth. By taking a suitable length of floss or tape and holding tight between two fingers of opposing hands, the floss can be placed between two teeth and gently scraped between the teeth all the way to (and just below) the gum line. This should ideally be repeated for all the spaces between all of your teeth.

If you are not used to flossing regularly, you may find that at first you will find the process somewhat cumbersome. However, like all things, practice makes perfect and after a while you will become proficient.

There are some other products on the market that can be used if conventional floss or tape does not work well for you. If your manual dexterity is a little bit limited, flosettes (a small piece of floss on a Y shaped disposable fork) may help. Alternatively, if you have large gaps between your teeth which can sometimes happen when you have had gum disease that has caused recession, interdental brushes may be more effective.

Occasionally people find difficulties using floss that are related to the teeth. The most common complaint is that the floss continually shreds when introduced in to a particular gap. This may the result of a filling with a sharp edge and it would be prudent to see your dentist to identify whether a filling needs replacing.

In all cases, our recommendation would be to see your dental hygienist so that they can identify which product will work best for you and show you the most effective technique for using it.

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