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At the dental clinic last week the whole team sat down and had an update for 4 hours about sterilisation and cross infection. As it turned out the systems we have in place are well above standards and this was proven last month when the CQC (care quality commission) came to visit and praised our clinic for the high standards that we achieve.


Carmel Maher from Willow Infection Control spoke to us about the HTM 01-05  (Health Technical Memorandom 01-05) and any changes that had been made to it in 2013. We discussed all the changes that have been made to this lengthy document and we discovered that we were already complying with them to the highest standards.  Even though as a practice we are always up-to-date, it was extremely interesting to listen to all the information Carmel gave us in the training, especially hearing the reasons for some of the changes.

We are happy for you to pop in anytime to have a look around our practice and facilities.