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5 things you should know about teeth whitening


Here at The Dental Clinic Radlett, we offer patients a trusted tooth whitening treatment called Philips Zoom! NiteWhite and DayWhite Take-Home Whitening Kit. You may have heard of these systems before and we would be happy to explain how it works in detail at your next appointment. Request an appointment or call us on 01923 859678.

Here are five things we would like you to know:

How does tooth whitening work?

Teeth whitening works using methods to lighten your enamel safely. Teeth can become darker over time, this can be caused by the ageing process, certain foods and drinks, and habits like smoking. Whitening treatments use either Cbamide Peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. We use 10% Carbamide Peroxide, 16% Carbamide Peroxide and 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, which gets broken down once it is activated and causes oxygen to get into the enamel of the teeth and create the whitening effect.

It’s really simple

Phillips Zoom! NiteWhite Home Whitening Kit will require you to have special trays made for you; these are a bit like gum shields but are much thinner and more comfortable to wear. You will then be given a routine to follow at home that will require placing a small amount of gel into the tray before wearing it for a specified length of time.

It’s quick

You will notice a difference within a couple of days, but it will take between 2-4 weeks to complete, will all depend on how dis-coloured your teeth are to start with and what result you would like to achieve. The lighter you want go, the longer it will take.

It’s safe

As long as the treatment is delivered by a dental professional, teeth whitening is completely safe. We will assess the health of your teeth and gums beforehand and will only allow the treatment to be carried out if there are no other conditions that require attention first. Teeth whitening products, such as Philips Zoom are highly regulated and can only contain very specific and safe amounts of the active ingredient.

Damaged teeth

Teeth whitening will give you a more natural and healthy smile than the so-called Hollywood Smile, we see many of the celebrities sporting such as Simon Cowell and the cast from The Only Way Is Essex. In some cases you may have one or two teeth that cannot benefit from the procedure because they are false or damaged. In these instances veneers or composites can be used in conjunction with teeth whitening. Similarly, if you have silver fillings it would be worth speaking to us about swapping them for white ones instead.

Our principal dentists Simon and Stuart are trained and qualified to deliver teeth whitening treatment to a high standard at here The Dental Clinic.

If you have any questions about having your teeth whitened, be sure to book an appointment with us today to discuss your options and payment plans. Drop into the practice at The Dental Clinic, 359 Watling Street, Radlett, Herts, WD7 7LB or call us on 01923 859678.