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Braces are a general term for the appliances that can be fitted in your mouth and on to your teeth in order to move the teeth into a new position. This type of tooth movement is known as an orthodontic movement and teeth can be moved bodily, twisted, tipped or pushed up into or pulled out of the gum.

Sometimes you will find that all the teeth in the upper or lower jaws are in a poor position and the bite between the two jaws is insufficient to maintain good chewing function. This is a severe form of misalignment. In other cases, the back teeth may come together nicely to form a good bite but the front smiling teeth may be either too spaced apart leaving gaps or crowded together making them look crooked.

In the former more severe of the two examples, it would be usual to see a specialist orthodontist. An orthodontic specialist will have a variety of treatments to hand that can be applied to re-shape the entire arch of teeth and create a normal bite. More often than not the treatment may involve a variety of appliances such as both fixed and removable appliances and treatment can take up to two years. The most common age group for this intensives orthodontic treatment are teenagers but that may be more to do with the lack of social pressure than anything to do with treatment success.

If the back teeth are in a good biting position, the front teeth can be straightened using an alignment system such as Cfast ™. This works using a tooth coloured, barely noticeable fixed appliance that straightens the front teeth in only six months. At the end of the treatment, a fixed bar is hidden and bonded behind the teeth, as well as a night time guard are provided to prevent any relapse and ensure a permanent straight smile. This treatment is only available for adult patients and can give you a smile that you have always wanted with no damage to your teeth whatsoever.

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