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Here at The Dental Clinic our goal is to ensure your dental health and wellbeing. We do this in a number of ways, including making our practice a warm and inviting environment for all our patients.How we help anxious patients - The Dental Clinic Radlett

How We Help Anxious Patients

Some people may find a trip to the dentist quite distressing, and we are geared towards helping anxious patients by being on-hand to reassure you at all times and we can promise you that our kind and caring staff will look after you as soon as you arrive at the practice.

We also provide oral cancer screening to all our patients because early detection is crucial in a successful recovery. A typical screening lasts a few minutes and involves checking the soft tissues of the mouth, like your lips, cheeks and tongue. Every patient will receive a screening as part of their regular examination and we see this as another important way in which we can help you to remain in optimal oral and general health.

In cases of accidents or if you are in terrible dental pain we have an out of hours emergency dental care service. All of our private patients are provided with an out of hours emergency number so they can contact one of our dentists for advice or an emergency appointment if necessary.

There are many benefits to being a patient here at The Dental Clinic Radlett such as a clean, modern practice, state of the art sterilization room, free parking for an hour, a warm and friendly welcome and a highly skilled and efficient team. In addition, our team members Simon, Stuart, Tracy and Vjosa have trained and qualified extensively in order to deliver a wide range of dental treatments to a high standard.

If you have any questions about your dental care please contact us on 01923 859678.