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adam cfast


Adam Myeroff has been a patient at our clinic for the past 13 years and he has always come for regular check-ups and hygiene visits. At the beginning of January he decided to go through the process of having his teeth straightened here at the clinic. This treatment is called Cfast which is a rapid and discreet cosmetic tooth alignment procedure.

After Adam saw pictures of the dramatic changes that can be achieved using cfast, this aroused his interest in straightening his teeth especially because the system is Fast (You will have straight teeth in about six months); Discreet (the wires and brackets are almost invisible); Affordable (the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost).

Adam visited us in the beginning of January to have the Cfast appliance fitted on his upper and lower teeth.  Since his treatment we have learnt that he will be running in the London Marathon this year on the 13th April!

He has been training at least 4 or 5 times a week and he has been using the Strava app. The strava app posts to social media sites the location, how far and the time he has run. On Sunday he completed the Watford Half Marathon in 1hr 39mins! Well done Adam! Even though when asked how he found it, he replied ‘I could have done it 5 minutes quicker’. With that response it seems like he is definitely determined and focused in training hard and completing the London Marathon to the best of his ability!

The charity Adam is running for is Nicki’s Smile which is part of Pancreatic Cancer Uk. Nicki was one of his closest friends. If she was given the correct diagnosis after complaining of stomach pain and muscle weakness there is a very good chance she could still be here today.

The charity was set up by her husband Dan shortly after Nicki passed away and it is now supported by Pancreatic Cancer UK who will ring fence all monies raised to support research into the early diagnosis of this terrible disease.

If you would like to donate to this amazing worthy cause please go to Adam’s fundraising page and donate

Keep an eye on our blogs to update you on Adam’s progress on training for the London Marathon and also the progress of his teeth getting straighter!


Watford Half Marathon February 2014 by